What if a single tool existed to turn someone with “so-so” artistic or drawing ability into a 
good or even EXCELLENT artist? That tool is now here...

Triple or Even Quadruple Your Current Artistic Ability With

The Perplexi®

Easy to use – for Children to Adults - For the Art Student or the Beginner.
Everyone can benefit from using the Perplexi®

To get started with the Perplexi® - click on the order button below!


To get started with the Perplexi® - click on the order button below!


The Artist’s Portable Perspective, a visual aid to understanding dimensional concepts, is now here. The Perplexi® is a drawing tool used to explain dimensional concepts. It is a visual aid to understanding foreshortening, perspective, and proportion.


The Perplexi® is a modern adaptation of earlier inventions developed around the 15th Century. Many artists, including Leonardo do Vinci [1452-1519], Jacopo do Pontormo [1492-1557], and Michelangelo Caravaggio [1565?-1609] were “perplexed” by the illusion of perspective and set about experimenting with arrangements of various types.

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Dr. Kathleen Konicek-Moran


The best way to comment on the effectiveness of the Perplexi is to send you a picture of a pine cone done with and without it. It is almost comical!

David Hockney, Artist/Writer

Author of - Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters

I know from experience that the methods artists use have a profound direct and instant influence on the nature of the work they produce.

Martice E. Nicks III, Bachelor of Science In Digital Art & Design

Visual Communications Technologist, Modeling & Simulation Technical Analyst

I am a graduate with a Digital Art and Design degree from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. Full Sail's primary focus is to teach the digital perspective of art & design; however, they frequently would urge us to explore the traditional side of art as well. My curriculum only provided one class in this area, and I found the material did not provide the level of detail I was looking for. I turned to OM Braida Drawing Book - Volume I [which includes instructions on how to use the Perplexi® Drawing Tool] to supplement the course, and found it to be immensely helpful in my discovery of variations of form, developing an eye for detail, and the application of light & perspective to design depth in my artwork. I still will periodically use this resource to look up information on traditional drawing. The resulting foundation has polished my skills in a way that allows me to wield my technical knowledge of any given tool set much more effectively.

Peter J. Scott, PhD.

Professor of Botany Retired, Specialist in Plant Taxonomy

The Perplexi is great and using the ten steps has improved my work - at least, I feel better about the drawing when I am finished. I am thoroughly enjoying the whole course and find that my art is improving quite a bit.

Susan McDonald, PhD.

Professor of Art History

The Perplexi® helps botanical artists create accurate proportions. It is an aid to the eye and saves some of the time necessary to measure the size of leaves, stem, flower parts and fruit. The Plexiglas® has been particularly helpful to me in drawing those leaves and branches that point directly toward the artist or directly away from the artist. It is also helpful in calculating relative size of parts of the plant. I recommend it as a useful tool.

B. Cole

The Perplexi® for me was a necessary tool. I came into the Drawing course unable to draw. The Perplexi® was my life preserver. After using the plexi for three solid months, wondering if I would ever be able to draw on my own, one day, it all came together for me and I drew my first plant on my own without the plexi! It was a huge mile stone. I probably would have given up long ago if I had not had the use of the plexi. It is the single greatest tool for those of us who cannot draw.

Unlike these earlier models, the Perplexi® is a simple, lightweight, totally portable and adaptable tool. Yet, just like its predecessors, it will help students to better understand basic drawing concepts that are often difficult to perceive.

Use of the Perplexi® will demystify drawing concepts associated with the “picture plane” and “visual relationships.” When we draw three-dimensional objects [height, width, depth], we must apply its equivalent image onto a two-dimensional surface [height and width] – thus the secret to learning how to measure the third dimension of depth is to measure depth by its height and width.

Initial drawings made from the Perplexi® drawings are in preparation for the “Modello” (a comparatively highly finished 3-dimensional drawing made by the artist before executing the final work.) It is with the assistance of the Perplexi® that one can obtain the accuracy sought. When the resulting “template” or “Cartoon” is completed and transferred to a drawing paper or canvas, a gray scale “Modello” can be created followed by a color “Modello” all in preparation for the final painting.

In addition, the Perplexi® can be used to facilitate the enlargement or diminishment of the subject simply by creating proportional squares and by enlarging or decreasing the size of these proportional squares.

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The Perplexi® Package Includes:

Two Mylar & Two Paper Grids
One Washable Marker Pen
Wood Stand
Complete instructions
To get started with the Perplexi® - click on the order button below!

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